When there's a Wheel, there's a Way

If you, your loved one or someone you know uses a wheelchair and needs to get around, let us help you.

We offer you the best Wheelchair Transport


Safety is our No.1 priority. In our accessible car, your wheelchair can be locked securely in place, while two separate seat belts can be fastened for the passenger’s safety.


We go out of our way to ensure our passengers reach their destination in a timely manner and the ride is enjoyable.


We don’t just pick you up at the location, we offer door-through-door services, assisting you out of your house and into our vehicle. This way your ride is more comfortable as well as less stressful.

Our Story

It wasn’t too long ago when I captured the challenges faced by those who are at least 28 inches wide. That is the average width of a wheelchair. Together with someone in a wheelchair we embarked on what should have been a very short walk in our central business district but I quickly realised just how frustrating it was to cross the road, look for ramps, avoid curbs and get from a bus stop into a bus.

Today while some things have improved, leading a spontaneous life is still tricky. So I told myself something needs to be done in order to ensure our community is just a little more inclusive. With the support of friends and family, we are now able to provide a service that offers the flexibility through Mobility+ because when there is a wheel there is a way!

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Types of Wheel Chairs

The following specifications serve as a guide for you to determine if your wheelchair will fit into our vehicle.

At Mobility+ we believe in ensuring people on wheelchairs can and must be able to get around with ease and comfort. With my wheelchair accessible vehicle, we are able to provide that and more.

It’s a compact, safe car that will get you around the island from $40++ (Fares are calculated based on distance). We welcome day trips to Malaysia as well however like everything else please do let us know in advance.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to some of your questions regarding our services.

Yes my wheelchair-friendly car comes fitted with a ramp so you, the wheelchair user,  will remain in your chair while I wheel you in.

Yes it is. My vehicle is specifically built for wheelchair users and comes fitted with two sets of locks for the front and back wheels, so your wheelchair is safely locked. We have seatbelts as well for your enhanced safety.

Most wheelchairs will fit but to be sure simply send us a picture or measurements and we will be able to assist you with that.